If you’re going to start a business, you’re going to need some idea of what business to start, right? But, as you probably know, having a good idea is not enough. Launching a dine-in restaurant in the middle of a pandemic wouldn’t be smart. Ah, but there are literally thousands of other businesses that would be ideal. 

Ideal? During a pandemic? Yes and yes. 

Think about it, most people are spending more time in front of their phone, laptop, tablet, and television screens than ever before. So, business ideas that aid in this process is going to win – given that the other business fundamentals are met. 

Still, an important question remains. What are some of the best business ideas to think about during the pandemic and beyond? 

Glad you asked. What I’ve done is compiled a list of  50 business ideas you can start now or in 2021. But, don’t wait. Although these business ideas are somewhat evergreen, the timing is not. So, get going with these business ideas now.

  1. Air Duct Cleaner
  2. Appliance Repair Service
  3. Basement and Room Remodeler
  4. Blog Marketing Consultant
  5. Bookkeeper
  6. Candle Maker
  7. Computer Repair and Maintenance
  8. Creative Business Consultant
  9. Desktop Publishing and Design Consultant
  10. Direct Mail Marketing Consultant
  11. eBay Marketing Consultant
  12. eBay Seller
  13. Freelance Copywriter for Bloggers
  14. Freelance Copywriter for YouTubers
  15. Freelance Copywriter for Social Media Influencers
  16. Freelance Writer
  17. Grant Writer
  18. Green Cleaning Consultant
  19. Green Cleaning Service
  20. Gutter Cleaner
  21. Handyman
  22. Holiday Decorator
  23. Home-Based Child Care Provider
  24. Home Stager for Real Estate Brokers
  25. Home Theater Designer
  26. House Painter
  27. Image and Style Consultant for Stay at Home Workers
  28. Ink and Toner Cartridge Refilling
  29. Internet Researcher
  30. Jewelry Maker
  31. Life Coach
  32. Mobile Pet Groomer
  33. Motivational Speaker for Virtual Meetings
  34. Nutritionist
  35. Personal Trainer Who Offers Virtual Sessions
  36. Photographer for Social Media Influencers
  37. Private Tutor for Grade Schoolers
  38. Public Relations Agency
  39. Resume Writer
  40. Search Engine Optimization Consultant
  41. Soap Maker
  42. Social Media Consultant
  43. Speech Writer
  44. Tax Accountant
  45. Video Producer
  46. Virtual Assistant
  47. Virtual Call Center
  48. Voice-Over Professional
  49. Web Designer
  50. Yoga Instructor

There you have them. 50 business ideas you can start now. Yes, you can start them even during a pandemic.

Now, go fill your second cup.