We, my family, live in the suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s quiet, the neighbors are friendly, and on any given day, you will see children playing. What you also see are lots of dogs. 

Like us, there aren’t too many families in our neighborhood without pets. Most have either dogs or cats. Some have both and a few other species you can cop at the local pet shop.

To put it mildly, people in the suburbs, and I suspect other places, love their pets – especially dogs. Actually, I get the feeling some love their dogs more than they do people. Yeah. Anyway, with this love comes lots of gifts like dog collars representing their favorite sports team or a comfy doggie bed. 

If you have a passion for pets, this love for them can easily be translated into business opportunities. I mean, what’s cooler than making a great living from what you love, right?

So, here are 12 unique pet e-business ideas you can turn into a pet business.

1. Sell Organic Treats 

I once had a neighbor who worked for a major food manufacturer/supplier. He made a comment that still sticks with me to this day: “If you saw how hotdogs are made, you would never eat another one.” 

Wait. What?

He went on the share that there are certain ingredients that will make one question the whole process. These additives, he continued, are designed for longer shelf life and taste and not for optimum health outcomes. 

But, if companies are willing to put in questionable ingredients for humans, I wonder what they’re willing to stuff in food for our pets?

This problem creates an opportunity – organic treats.

2. Pet Blogger

The best blogs are built around a passion or purpose. There are those who are passionate about baking, for example, and have amassed an audience of millions. Well, you can turn your passion for, say, miniature Schnauzers into a thriving blog. 

3. Pet Podcaster

Just like with blogs, the best podcasts are built around a passion or purpose. Some, like Pat Flynn, have even built podcast empires. You can do the same. A few interviews with a few vets or bird lovers and you’re off and running. 

4. Sell/Promote Animal Toys

Dogs and cats, in particular, love toys. The good news is, there are more varieties of pet toys than ever before. Pick your toys and promote them on your e-commerce website or as an affiliate. 

5. Sell/Promote Custom Bed/Housing Designer

There are woodworkers and hobbyists everywhere. And, they are always seeking new projects to tackle. Hop on Pinterest, get a few ideas, and discuss them with a woodworker. Before long, you will have a prototype. Once they meet your standards, start selling on Etsy, your own Shopify store, or a WooCommerce driving website. 

6. Tank Designer

If you own a snake, fish, or iguana, you know that they require a tank. Well, there are millions who own such pets and thousands who would love a custom designed tank. You can either partner with a designer or, if you have the skills, develop the plans yourself. 

7. Pet Bandana Maker

In our neighborhood, I see dogs wearing all sorts of bandanas. Yeah, the market is huge. Get on it.

8. Collar Designer

Okay, true, not every dog wears a bandana. But, most wear a collar. Here’s a cool idea: hit up Pinterest for cool belt designs. Now, see if those designs can be translated into collars. 

Oh, but, who will produce them? The same people who make collars now.

9. Pet YouTuber

YouTube is perfect for sharing your knowledge and skills.

10. Pet Photographer

People love sharing their pets on social media. Instagram, in particular, has millions of photos of pets. However, the photos that gain the most engagement tend to be those where the pet is photographed well. 

Celebrities are the chief purchasers of good pet photography. To reach them, take some awesome pet photos and tag the celebrity. You will be surprised by the number who will respond. Now, identify a local photographer and revenue share. 

11. Pet Clothing Designer

As I stated above, people love sharing their pets on social media. They especially love sharing them when they’re dressed up. Either design the clothing yourself or partner with someone who can. 

12. Pet Pillow Marketer

Customized pet pillows are winners. You design them and print on demand companies can print, ship, and collect the money. Nice.

There they are. 12 Pet e-Business ideas you can start today. Now, go fill your second cup.