I remember sitting in my cubicle, with cloth walls surrounding me – or should I say caving in on me – with the sterile glow of a fluorescent light above my head.

I had to stand up and look 50 yards in either direction just to catch a glimpse of sunlight.

I still remember the best few minutes of my day were when I got to walk underneath a huge tree that stood just outside the building near the entrance of my corporate day job.

To do this day, I don’t really understand why that tree inspired me to believe that I could start a business, but it did.

I would walk under that tree and just dream of the freedom to be able to run my own business, while exercising creativity and not be stifled by the corporate machine.

As odd as it sounds, if that tree wasn’t there during those tough times when I was mustering all the energy just to believe that it was possible, I don’t think I would be where I am today.

Occasionally I drive by almost as if to say “thank you” to the tree that helped set me free.

I know this all sounds pretty dramatic, but it was real for me.