The photo above is of results master Tony Robbins. If you know his work, you know that the photo captures his personality well. To say that he’s energetic would be the understatement of the year. But, that’s a part of his appeal and one of the reasons over three million people have attended his sold out workshops.

His results are also the reason many celebrities and regular folk sing his praises.

Now, take a look at the photo below.

Do you recognize this person?


Yes, she is Maria Menounos.

Maria is an entertainment correspondent and entertainment entrepreneur. She can usually be seen each week on Extra, a show that covers celebrity life.

Next up is multi-platinum selling and Grammy Award winning singer and entrepreneur Usher.


Okay, scroll back up and take a look at the photos again.

Question: What’s the purpose of each photo?

Well, it’s pretty clear that they both are offering a testimonial, right?  You know, when you see the little quotes, that’s a for sure sign that a testimonial is present.

So, yeah, they are offering testimonials for Tony Robbins.

Now, Tony Robbins is a big name with a massive following. So, why would he publish testimonials from two other celebrities?

Well, he’s no fool. He knows that the best way to build your credibility and reinforce it is by having others talk about how great your work is. Sure, he could talk about how great he is. Ah, but that wouldn’t be appealing, right? Besides, we call that bragging. And, consumers don’t like bragging.

But, by having others sing his praises, his business becomes more appealing. Well, it at least attracts attention.

Okay, cool.

Now, tell me if you recognize these people and their names:



They don’t ring a bell?

No problem. They aren’t famous like the first two. They are, after all, just “regular folk” like me and you. Ah, but they are regular folk who appear on Tony Robbins’ website just like Maria and Usher.

Do you see what’s happening?

Okay, enough of the guessing game.

The point is, these three “unknown” people were able to get their names, faces, and businesses on the website of one of the biggest names in the world simply by offering a…testimonial.

Got it now?

See, this incredible opportunity is open to you as well. You just have to take advantage of it.

Here’s how to do so in three easy steps:

Step 1: Scan your past for a “name” whose products you’ve bought or services you’ve consumed. Keep in mind that these people – the “names – can be physicians, personal trainers, executive chefs, yoga studios or what have you.

Remember, you are interested in their audience. For example, people who buy luxury cars are more likely to spend money on art and high end entertainment. So, if you’ve had your car serviced at a Mercedes Benz dealership, even if it’s only an oil change, then this dealership might be a good prospect. Makes sense? Good.

Step 2: Contact the “name” or a representative and tell them that you want to write a testimonial. They won’t refuse your request. Testimonials are gold.

Now, the reason you want to contact them first, instead of sending a cold email, is because you are alerting them. That way, they will eagerly look for your email. Remember, the bigger the name, the busier they are and the more emails they are likely to receive. So, give them a heads up.

Step 3: If you haven’t already, write the testimonial and send it in. Make the testimonial specific. Don’t write, “I enjoyed the friendly staff at your dealership.” Say something like this: “I honestly didn’t expect people to be friendly at a car dealership. But, your dealership was different. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted with a smile and walked to the service area. They then offered me coffee.”

Of course, the testimonial must be true. Never make stuff up.

Okay, once you’re published in their promotional materials or on their website, tell the world. It will benefit you and the “name”.

That’s it.

Nothing complicated here. But, the results can be incredible.

Now, go fill your second cup.

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